Saturday, 9 November 2013

Silly Rabbit!

     Well, I am sorry to say I have not been eating so well as of late. In the last week  I have been using a lot of soy coffee creamer and I believe there were some potato wedges in there that were dusted with flour and the list goes on-.ahhhhhhhh! Besides feeling crappy for eating foods I know I shouldn't, I actually just feel crappy! Some of my hypo symptoms have resurfaced-and I am NOT pleased.

   While I would rather not admit my recent food-related transgressions, I choose to share them with you guys because this all only makes it clearer to me that these dietary changes I have made are very powerful and when I stick to them I feel much healthier. I am also considering cutting out tempeh...this makes me sad, we will see. I am at least going to limit my soy/tempeh intake to one meal a week because too much soy does not do my body good :(

   Although I suppose that this was likely to happen at some point as I did cut out about 4 food groups all at once, I still could use some support!

Next week I promise to post something a little more fun and yummy, but for now I am just putting myself back together.

  Oh well, I am back at it, eating clean and re-dedicated!

   Did any of you have any set backs while going gluten-free, vegan or soy-free? Anything?!

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