Sunday, 10 November 2013

Soy what's your problem?

    Well, after a week or so of allowing soy back into my life I have had my fill. It's official SOY(along with meat, dairy and gluten) IS OUT!

   I will really miss!

   I have also in the last week gotten used to soy creamer in my coffee, not great...because it was delicious! In a search for dairy-free, soy-free and gluten-free coffee creamer I fell upon this coconut creamer! I have to say I really like soy creamer, but this coconut milk creamer is a close second and will have to do when I don't feel like just drinking my coffee black (often my go to is just to drink my coffee black)...for now.

I am hoping to try an almond-based creamer next, I will keep you updated!

While on the subject of soy I am just going to throw this out there,  any suggestions on getting enough protein without soy, meat or dairy products? What is your fave vegan/gluten and soy-free protein, please share!

I am off to drink my dairy, soy-free coffee now- have a lovely morning all!

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