Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Turns Out, It Really Is All About The Vinegar!

"No-Poo" UPDATE!!!

P.S. There are no suds with "no-poo" washing :)
     As you know, if you have been following my 'no-poo saga",  I had settled on a "low-poo" shampoo and rice wine vinegar conditioner and leave-in detangler. However, after a few more washes with that squeaky clean shmapoo I found it was leaving my hair a bit too squeaky, literally my hair would kind of squeak when I twisted it dry. What I gather is that the shampoo I was using was clarifying my hair! You really should not clarify your hair more than once a month, probably less if you don't use chemical /silicone-laden products, which I do not. The other fallout of this squeaky-clean-low-poo shampoo was that it started to leave my once-manageable-hair in an absolute tangled mess! I usually don't have to put anything in my hair to comb it out, but it was becoming intensely painful trying to comb out my hair, needless to say, I have ditched the Hugo Naturals Coconut Shampoo. I wanted to love it but after ome more time with it I give it a 3/10 :(

   What am I using now, you ask?

  I am currently using diluted (1 part vinegar/ 3 part water) rice wine vinegar as my shampoo, conditioner and leave-in detangler. So, I guess after all, I have gone "no-poo" rather than "low-poo".

  I am not going to review this new hair care method until I have been doing it for a solid month-so when I give you guys the goods there won't be a giant, this-shampoo-is-crap surprise a week later.

Enjoy your twigs!

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