Friday, 4 October 2013

Honey, I washed my face!

      For all of my face washing needs I was a Vichy girl. I have really enjoyed Vichy's sensitive skin care line, pricey as it may be. However, one evening whilst kickboxing my eyes started to sting like CRAZY!!! Now, sweat alone can sting the eyes a bit, but it shouldn't feel like you have like you have pink eye-which is what it felt like for me. I realized that it must be the face cream I put on after I washed my face, pre-kickboxing. Yikes!  

     This "happening"was also around the time I had begun my journey into all-that-is-natural. Realizing that my face wash, toner, face cream and the like were filled with chemicals sent me on a search for something a little more lovely.
     After searching, mostly online, I found a regiment that worked for me. Unlike my all-natural shampoo saga (ongoing), I didn't really have to tweak with my  new little face-cleansing ritual, it works and has leaves me with really even, glow-y skin (if I do say so myself)!
    I know weird picture, but this is what my nightly regiment looks like these days, ain't it beautiful?! I am so pleased with the results of this all-natural face cleansing routine that I wanted to share it!

So, here goes!

Face wash

      For my face wash I use raw, organic honey. Now some people say it is fine to use regular honey but I would have to disagree. Raw honey is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral-it is powerful stuff! My thought is, if you cook it down all of the awesome properties of raw honey get cooked out! So I recommend  going raw, at least for the purpose of loving your face.

    Now, raw, organic  honey is a bit more expensive. It can cost anywhere from $8-$20 dollars a jar. The plus side is that your jar of face-washing-honey will last you! I only use about 1/4 tsp each time I wash my face.
     All you do is wet you face with warm water, rub a bit of honey between your fingers, apply to your face and wash like you would any other cleanser. Make sure you rinse your wrists and face thoroughly or you will end up with "sticky-wrist syndrome", tragic I know.

*when I wear make-up I add about 1/4 tsp or less of baking soda to the honey


     I use diluted organic apple cider vinegar, containing "the mother", for my toner. I mix 1 part ACV with 3 part distilled or filtered water. I originally started following my face wash with an ACV toner because I read that it can help restore a healthy PH balance to your skin after using baking soda-and I suppose it works because it feels nice and helps my skin stay healthy.
     Apple cider vinegar, like honey is so beneficial for you in about a million ways. It is an astringent, and antiseptic, it is full of minerals as well as having anti-inflammatory properties! I add it to water for an energy boost in the afternoon, and it actually works! I love it. I may do a post on just how wonderful it's that good.


    Finally, as my moisturizer I use raw, organic, virgin coconut oil. I use this stuff as my main moisturizer for my whole body and I love it. Again, raw, organic, virgin coconut oil ain't cheap but you need SO LITTLE so it lasts a long time, especially if you are mainly using it as a facial moisturizer.

     I need to take a moment and just mention that like ACV I LOVE COCONUT OIL!! Coconut oil is wonderful and I use it for many things. I eat a tablespoon each morning for it's hormone-balancing effects as well as it's aid in supporting a healthy metabolism. I use coconut oil as my primary cooking and baking oil, I use it as diaper cream on my daughter and as I have mentioned, as my go-to moisturizer.

    Now, if you have acne-prone skin, proceed with caution, like any oil this may cause your skin to break out. However, I have read that coconut oil has also helped clear up acne as well. Like any skin care regime, it is personal, you have to try it out and see what works for you.

    When I started using coconut oil on my face I did notice little colourless bumps on my forehead. Now, I honestly could have been detoxing, but I will never know. A technique I found very useful is to apply the coconut oil (like a pea-sized amount) leave it for a bit and then lightly rinse my face with cool water, ridding my face of EXCESS oil. Since I have been implementing this new "technique" no more bumps!

   I have loved the results these natural products have helped me achieve. In fact my husband, out of the blue said, "your skin is looking great! I think you might actually look younger!" It's true...he really said it. It was awesome.

    I realize now that I may have to do a post on each of these ingredients because all 3 of them are so useful, and really quite amazing, but that's for another day!

   Do any of you have any great natural beauty rituals?

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