Friday, 27 September 2013


     After writing my (mini) natural deodorant critique I realized how much I LOVED the Penny Lane Lavendar Natural Deodorant. and even at the risk of red, chaffed underarms, I was going to give it another go! Well, I have been using the Penny Lane deodorant again, for a week now and have had zero chaffing or any other weird underarm discomfort for that matter! I believe I was not adding enough water to this oh-so-natural deodorant stick prior to use and that is what had been causing my underarm trouble. My recommendation, put it under the tap for a couple of seconds, apply it and even rub it in once you have applied it.
      Even though I did find the Lavanilla deodorant decent, by the end of the day I felt like it was masking natural odours rather than absorbing them. However, with the Penny Lane deodorant I find I smell like lovely lavendar for the first half of the day and in the evening I don't smell like anything at all.  And when I say I don't smell like anything, I mean it, this deodorant works better than any I have ever used even the ones filled with all kinds of chemicals!

  I am so happy I tried this product again, it was definitely worth it!

I have now moved on to trying to figure out how to wash my hair without shampoo and conditioner, it ain't easy. Once I have figured some good DIY's I will be posting on my fave!

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